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Children Theatre Acting Workshop
Give Opportunity to your kid to unleash his creative skills
Let the creativity grow at right age

Today's world requires a bit of more smartness & creative skills. DTCA's Theatre Acting Workshop for children is designed exclusively aiming at Personality Devolopment of the child.

Workshop Details
Personality devolopment through Theatre Acting
This absolutely interactive & practical workshop includes One play production which indulges the students to help them implement all the things learnt in the workshop. The workshop includes all the practical sessions only.
Confidence Building
Story Telling
Poetry Reading
Body Language
Voice Modulation
Sense Memory
Creative Observation
Physical Flexibility
Subjective Study
Character building

Age 5 to 14 yrs.
Working knowledge of English/Hindi.

Two Months  
Tues. & Thu. - 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Rs.5000/-(+Reg. fee 100/-) = Total 5100/-
(Five Thousand One Hundred Only)
Andheri West, Mumbai, India.  

At the end of the workshop the Students perform a play exclusively for parents & family.