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Gandhi Ki Zameen Par
   …on the land of contemporary India

Gandhi Ki Zameen Par

Footage from the journalist's camera....caught in riots

A family, a TV reporter & his cameraman caught in communal riots
& their attempt to disseminate the message of
humanity being supreme religion.

If we blind-follow religion & consider it above humanity....

then aren't we self-destroying?

Written & Directed by
Sunil Prem Vyas


Gandhi Ki Zameen Par

The story begins with a Hindu family going to their farmhouse. On the way they give lift to a journalist (Shekhar) & his cameraman (Pratap). Unaware of the changing scenario, they enter a communal riot-stricken zone. The fanatical nature of the rioters’ scares the whole family.

They somehow manage to take shelter in the house of ‘Aftaab’ (an old school teacher), but…unfortunately they fall in the eyes of the brutal rioters. The family members lock themselves in one room & they block the door with cupboards as a shield. But unfortunately their six month old little baby is left outside & the rioters get hold of the innocent baby. The looters want the girls of the family in barter of the life of the child.

Shaken by the helplessness and unable to bear the crude inhumanity of the rioters…Shekhar, who is hiding in another room along with the mother of the little kid, takes the decision of going out & confront them. He puts on the clothes of “Aftaab’ & takes the getup of a Muslim fundamentalist. He somehow manages to convince the rioters that he is nephew to ‘Aftaab’.

With a series of unimaginable efforts by a journalist to save the family, the story unfolds from the point of view of the reporter cameraman, who records the whole incidents.

Entire family is saved but ‘Shekhar’s true identity is revealed to the rioters. They chase him & are about to kill him but at the right time the ‘Hindu’ rioters appear & kill all. Shekhar too gets killed by his own community people, as he is in the get up of a ‘Muslim’.

 Are we so blind not to see the real human inside but to see only the outer image of religion what we tend to mask with?

 As said…If we blind-follow religion & consider it to be above humanity.. …then aren’t we self-destroying?


Gandhi Ki Zameen Par

Movie Trailer -Gandhi Ki Zameen Par

Sunil Prem Vyas, Aalok Kapoor, Arun Chitlangia, Renu Mahajan, Dr Ashok Jain, Animesh R Varshney, Sangeeta Pant, Pooja Iyengar, Sanjay Tewari, Bharti Kapoor, Aakansha, Milind Shirole, Nitin Patil, Babloo, Ramakanth, Anand, Rajesh Mishra, Nitin, Apurba Rout, Mahendra Tandel, Santosh Chand, Kadir Shaikh, Baby Jyoti & Ratan P Varshney


: Darpan Theatre & Cine Arts

Produced by

: Mamta Bhatia
Written , Edited & Directed by

: Sunil Prem Vyas


: Madhavraj Datar        

Executive Producer

: Vinita V. Iyer


: Sangeeta Pant

Associate Director

: Sanjay Tewari    

Gandhi Ki Zameen Par

Gandhi Ki Zameen ParGandhi Ki Zameen ParGandhi Ki Zameen Par
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