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…the return

A Film Provoking the Universal thought that
Humanity remains the supreme religion.

Written by
Sunil Prem Vyas


Catharine (Age 50+) is kidnapped & made hostage by a militant group who declare themselves as Jihadies (freedom fighters). The group operates from ISI (Pakistan). The Jihadi - Aslam (Age 25+), along with two other militants is supposed to perform the kidnapping but the partners get killed in an encounter with the army. Aslam too, is a bit injured. He takes the hostage to a remote place in mountains. While ISI’s higher authorities negotiate with the Indian government putting up their demands of releasing their men, something unpredictable comes their way…..

The terrorist mind behaves as expected. On the other hand Catharine, a calm & religious soul tries to cool the fire of frustration & revenge in him. The two different thoughts collide. One, following Gandhian Philosophy of universal peace that humanity is the supreme religion & the other, violent aimless energy, misguided by the power thirsty individuals. Aslam tries to prove why & how his Jihad is right as there is no other way besides war & violence. Revolution needs blood. He has a strong hatred to certain communities & religions as he believes that they were the cause of all the worst destiny faced by him & his community. He declares Jihad-a way to serve God. As misguided, he believes that whatever he is doing is right & is good for their community. Also he declares Catholics to be Anti-Muslim. Catharine, who has studied not only Bible & Gandhian Philosophy but also Hinduism, Buddhism & Islam as well, makes appropriate use of her kind knowledge. She tries to convince him that his path is wrong. Aslam though doesn’t have right answers but disagrees to her. The conversations reach to a peak & Aslam burst out crying & shouting in frustration as to what was his mistake when his parents were killed in communal riots & sister raped in front of his eyes. He cries with pain. She consoles him. Later both share their emotions. With the course of time (15-20 days) while ISI negotiates with Indian government, the two thoughts start merging to a positive edge. Catharine, who learnt Asian cooking in Pakistan, cooks for Aslam. Aslam feels his mother in her. A mother-child relationship develops between them. She preaches him about what religions around the world teach & how non-violent & humanity is the supreme religion. How all this is essential for the goodwill of human kind. They start living like a family of two as if Aslam found his”Ammi” in Catharine & Catharine found her son - “Charles” in Aslam. She guides him to choose the right path of non-violence & asks him to surrender. He realizes what is right & agrees. By this time, ISI gets disappointed by the prolonged denial by the Indian Government & Aslam is given instructions to kill his Catharine. But by now, the predator has turned to a protector. ISI senses his changed thoughts. ISI sends a team of militants to kill Catharine. Aslam fights with them all & in the end he dies saving his “Ammi”.

The whole story presents the universal thought that Humanity & human emotions remain supreme before any religion, Community or individual, preaching ….non-violence & humanity is the supreme religion.


: Manju Sinha
: Sunil Prem Vyas
Supported by

: Nigam, Pradeep Chowdhary, Vinod Goswami & others

Directed & Cinematography by

: Pankaj Prakash

Produced by
: Vi-Fi Productions
Written by
: Sunil Prem Vyas
Music by
: Sundeep Mukherji

Lyrics by

: Padmashree Gopal Das Neeraj
: Sudeep Bannerji